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How do I go about creating my own Celebration of Life Day?


Although there is no specific way your Celebration has to run, I have included some simple guidelines that may be helpful as you organize your special celebration. All celebrations will be different so I have listed multiple things that we have used in the past. Please review this list and select the items that are of most interest to you. You will also be able to adapt the items below to fit into the time that you have. The most important part of the celebration is to have fun and to do something that you enjoy and sparks joy. This list is not all inclusive so feel free to add to it those things that bring great joy to you.


As a race of human beings we are social and it seems social settings are most memorable when there is food involved. The sky is the limit on what you serve but your guests will stay and visit over snacks or a meal.



Activity Suggestions
  • Celebration Discovery Journals or Goal Boards. Local publishers are quite often willing to let you have old, overrun or discarded magazines. To discover how to build your Celebration Discovery Journal, click on the Celebration Discovery Journal.
  • Celebration Gratitude Journals.  To discover how to create your own Celebration Gratitude Journal, click on the Celebration Gratitude Journal.
  • Music. Share your favorite playlist, CD’s, piano, or other musical instruments. Some guests may just enjoy sitting down to play an instrument or have a jam session. Set the tone for the celebration with music playing when the guests arrive.
  • Massage. You may want to hire (or get them to donate their time) a massage therapist who will offer chair massages.
  • Manicure/Pedicure. You may want to hire a nail tech to come and “pamper” some of your guests.
  • Provide a corner for just visiting.
  • Write your own Celebration story and make it available to guests who come.
  • Flowers. Give one to each guest.
  • Guest Registry. Have each guest “write” their story of what they are celebrating that particular year.
  • Have a special Celebration toast. 
  • Live band or musician with music playing in the background.
  • Fabric to make a quilt block. Then make a quilt to donate to a hospital, children’s or woman’s shelter, etc. Could be quilted, tied or just sewn together and a message of inspiration written on a block.
  • Hiking/nature trails.
  • Books to read.
  • Movies to watch.
  • Actor’s theatre – create a play and perform it.
  • Board/group games.
  • Hire a Caricaturist to draw pictures of your guests.
  • Old time photo gallery to create your own memories.
  • Horse back rides.
  • Pottery sculpting.
  • Storytelling.


These are a few suggestions. Select the ones that best fit your personality and spark joy for you. Expand it to fit your particular celebration. Add to it any other activities that might fit.


1. Music playing in the background.


2. Someone at the door to greet your guests. This could be two or three different people. They could greet one guest, take them to the kitchen, help them get settled and then come back to the door. Name tag (optional). You could also have an ice breaker game that they would play.


3. Direct your guests to wherever food is being served. Help them to feel comfortable. Introduce them to others, give them an outline of all of the things you have available that day. Take them from station to station and show them what they are able to do.


4. Mingle among your guests and make certain each one is comfortable and knows what to do.


5. Give them a party favor or something such as a flower, gift, or something else as they leave.





What began as a debt of gratitude and a way to show appreciation has now grown into an international movement. In the hurry and scurry of life it seems that we never really stop long enough to just pamper ourselves and celebrate the precious gift of life. This website is packed with information, free downloads, pictures, real life stories and music. Thank you for being our guest.






Enjoy the information and ideas as you navigate around our site and create your own Celebration of Life Day with activities that spark joy for you.

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